About Us


When was the last time you came across a brand that represented you?  Well RZNGRND (Rize & Grind) MOTIVATIONAL APPAREL is here. Our aim is to instill motivation within you; so that you can achieve whatever it is that you are grinding for. Physically or mentally your dreams and aspirations of what can be reality starts with you, Which also starts with Motivation. Always remember, "With The Energy Acquired Through Motivation... You Can Go Far Beyond Your Expectations..." Show the world that you are a motivator that has been MOTIVATED!


Our motive is to motivate. And with doing that, bring out the motivator within you.  We know that looking stylish can make you feel a whole lot better; that's why we're committed to being your source for the motivation you desire through our apparel. We design apparel you'll love so you can focus on your grind. It will constantly remind you not to give up.